I am an introvert, an observer of all things happening, growing, and transforming around me. I feel too much, think too much, hope too much, love too much. I hurt when others suffer, I smile when others find happiness. I'm an earth-born seeker of light, my mind & heart are constantly floating above the clouds-dreaming and knowing with a gut wrenching sense of awareness that there is more to this life than collecting paper and impressing others with false smiles and insincere conversation- there is more to this life than merely existing. My spirit is lively, more 'real' than this vessel in which it's bound, it pushes at the seams and tries to escape; to wander among the stars and to be whole heartedly free is what it yearns for. What I yearn for. I often look forward to sleep, to become lost within the land of dreams, I feel there is a realness, a tangibility, to dreams. Most of the time they are far too vivid and brimming with emotion to be nothing more than a forgotten whisper of the mind's subconscious. The dreams in which I fly are by far the most revered, for it is then that I truly feel at one with my soul-free and soaring above all that could aim to hurt me, a state of pure divinity and peace.


photo sources: hardtoexplain,unkown(s)


  1. Such beautiful photos and words to match! Did you write that?

  2. Yess I did, and thank youu! :)

  3. beautiful post! i am in love with what you wrote, it's the most sincere and truest thing i have read this week.

  4. amazing photos! and i love every word you have written.