FINALLY! I've been impatiently waiting for these sweeeet blacked out chucks, and they're mine at last. Problem is, I don't think I'm ever going to take them off. Adios platforms! See you never! (okay, I'm obvs exaggerating, but my ankle's still not quite healed enough for my array of chunky/stacked/stilt like ridiculousness anyways-so these bad boys will have to do for now). Can't wait to work them into some unusual and unexpected outfits.

  It's Mondayyy, and for me that means two things: reclining on the couch and enjoying some mindless television! (yes, I watch the Bachelorette. SUE ME.) I'm ridiculously sunburnt at the moment, so looks like it's a night of lounging and lathering on the aloe! Hope everyone has a relaxing evening!


p.s. I have been receiving quite a few e-mails recently about people not knowing where/how to comment on my posts since there is no visible 'comment' link. Problem is, under my display settings it says that I have the comment link enabled, and I haven't been able to resolve this problem despite months of failed efforts (fyi: to leave a comment, you have to click the time & date link). If anyone has any advice on how I can solve this problem, I would love to hear it!
You can e-mail me at seaofstyle@yahoo.com


  1. I need a pair of the black on black cons in my life. Ive come to realise how much they just go with everything. Perrfect

  2. damn those look AWESOME. jealous :)