but i don't wana grow up

(wearing: F21 floppy hat, vintage sheer blouse, F21 printed shorts, gold collar necklace
from my Aunt Kathy's vintage treasures, and random sandals and accessories)

A few snap shots from the day of my sister Danaan's graduation from highschool (second to the left in the last photo). It was so amazing to see her get her diploma, and since our dad teaches at the high school (and also opened the graduation ceremony with a song on the bagpipes..yes I'm serious) he got to be right upfront during the festivities; I know it was such an amazing moment for my entire family to see how grown up she's become! Thank god I wore a hat though, because I was meltinggggg in the bleachers. Literally. My makeup was non-existent after the three hour ordeal. But it was all worth it, and the feast we had afterwards was the highlight of my food obsessed life. I have a problem and I never know when to stop. Four servings? Five? Can barely move and in a state of serious food coma, and yet I keep on a-goin'. So much for that bathing suit bod..time to find me a snazzy one piece.



  1. Ha, I am EXACTLY the same when there's reallly good food on offer. I mean, I'll be full, but I figure I won't ever get this great food again, so I must eat as much as I can right?? Haha. So so bad. But so good! Loving those shorts too lovely, the colours are just so eye-catching x


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  2. Gorgeous photos! Does your sister have a blog?