These photos were actually taken a couple of weeks a go during a day blanketed in fog and damp air. My boyfriend had just gotten his new puppy (I've been dying to share some photos of the little cutie) Lucca, the most adorable and playful baby Jack Russel Terrier you've ever seen. I'm absolutely in love with him, he is so feisty and hops around like a little bunny; but after a couple hours of antics he wares himself out and will curl up on top of you and drift off to doggy dream-land. Nothing special in the outfit department, being that I threw on whatever I could find so I could scurry over to the boyfriend's and get my hands on baby Lucca. 

On a side note, I cannot believeee that tomorrow is Christmas Eve-where did this month go? I've had an insanely busy past couple of days since I put off shopping and such til the last possible moment. The crowds made me claustrophobic, and all the rain and crazy drivers weren't helping my down-to-the-wire Holiday panic. Thankfully, I've gotten almost everrrryything done just in the nick (St. Nick that is heh heh..okay too cheesy) of time.


(wearing: thrifted knit, Eunina black skinnies, vintage silk scarf as head wrap, F21 necklace and booties, misc. accessories)


  1. what a cute puppy! I love the name lucca :) your outfit is soo gorgeous! I love the head wrap <3


  2. I have a weakness for puppies and yours is sooo cuteee! <3 :)
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  3. Chelsea- Isn't he the cutest?! & thank youuu, it was kind of a lazy day outfit but the knit I'm wearing is one of my new favoritess

    Natalie- He's actually my boyfriend's puppy, but he is adorable ! I'll definitely check out your blog love


  4. gorgeous- love these shots- how sweet is your bf's puppy!!! Love the knit and the headwrap you always look effortlessly beautiful. Totally get the claustrophobic thing- its the worst feeling, not just in crowds, but in lifts too!
    Take care, enjoy Christmas, indulge in too much of everything, friends and laughter.

    fashion clocked

  5. Thank you so much Katie, you always have the sweetest things to say! Definitely planning on over indugling this Christmas- hope your Holidays are wonderful as well!

  6. OOOOhhhh so cute !! i have a Jack Russel too :D !!

    Nice blog !!


  7. supercute outfit, loving your cozy sweater and your cool ring. merry christmas!

    xx raez

  8. you threw on that outfit? It's so nice, and such a cute dog! merry christmas :)

  9. Thank you all for your sweet words, Merry Christmas!


  10. Love your hair its gorgeous
    love the booties
    love the puppy
    perfect post!

    much peace & love