I'm A Satellite Heart, Lost In The Dark

A Thousand Miles From Who I Want To Be, But I'm Not Dead Yet, I'm Still Breathing
Impatiently,               I Exist

Dreaming of running through a field of flowers, hopes sky high, fears lost with the wind; endless days of hand holding and a sky filled with purple clouds & lingering laughter. Running to the edge of all desires, nothing can stop us now..

We need to open our eyes to the world outside,
we give up on dreams
just to watch our souls die.
Embracing the unknown, letting our inner spirit roam..let your wishes fly and follow where they go.
Freedom is but a state of mind
And happiness an eternal calling
Watching warm memories through a glass panelled door, yearning for yesterday and losing yourself to regret
Forgetting to grasp this moment and hold on tight before it slips through time and becomes but an after-thought
It is easy to be fearful and cower away from the leap
If only we could all let our guards down, live as one with the earth
Dream without limits, and Love without end

Follow your heart, Embrace your inner-child, And let your imagination soar


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