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A look into Australian singer Sia Furler's eccentric and artsy wardrobe, though most of us know and love her for her hit single 'Breathe Me' , there are many of her songs I've listened to and loved that never quite made it main stream, 'Butterflies' is among my favorites. I'm loving her unique and vintage inspired style, and it seems to me the 90's esque fringe mop of hair is coming back in full swing; if only I could ever summon up the courage to go balls to the wall and do something completely new and chop off my long locks...nope, can't see that happening.

It seems to me the the 'all black' summer attire is catched, and I'm loving it, in my opinion you can never go wrong with some good black basics. Lately it seems I haven't been able to muster up the energy to put together an actual outfit, with all the heat and humidity and the laziness of long summer days, I tend to spend most of my time in bathing suits, cover ups, and sadly enough, p.j.s! Yes I know, you'd think I could at least throw on a flowy maxi dress or comfy play suit, but no, I have been taking full advantage of the fact that this is my very first school & (for the most part) work free summer yet. I have been quite busy planning the layout of my website, which I hope will be up and running in no time with the help of my technologically inclined dad. I really didn't realize how much time and work goes into figuring out all the details! Though it's taking longer than expected, it's a new and exciting venture all the same, and I can't complain about the onslaught of free time I've now been given to dedicate to lounging in the sun, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, snuggling with my pup Ava, and slowly making my way through my overwhelmingly long Netflix queue, which is another subject of interest I could most likely ramble on about for an unnecessary amount of time..you movie lovers out there, trust me- it's more than worth the minuscule investment!
Anyways, thankfully my amazing and just as movie-obsessed boyfriend is taking me on a date tonight! His work schedule is pretty hectic these days, so I tend to anticipate and over plan for our dates days in advance (every last detail, but most of all, the outfit of course!). We're finally going to see the much talked about Inception with the never disappointing Leo DiCaprio, and I truly cannot wait. I have much too many outfit ideas swarming about my mind, so narrowing down the options will be my most difficult task. Along with the all black summer ensembles, I've also been loving the military and safari inspired looks, here are a few that I'm into at the moment!

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photo credit, elle.com

Oh how I looooove the flowiness of this Henrik Vibskov top, and of course, who can complain about the amazing stacked Rick Owens boots..I'm feeling an impulse buy coming on.

There's so much about summer that I love, and one of the many things is most definitely the fact that styles seem to become more whimsical, free, and almost anything goes. There's less of a box that you need to fit in and it gives everyone so much more room to make a look their own. I myself am a strong believer in dressing for yourself and what makes you content and comfortable, I don't believe that there should be constant scrutiny over one's wardrobe or a worry when putting an outfit together that it may not be 'this season' or 'what's hot right now'. I mean, styles and fads come and go, but as long as you have pieces you truly adore that should really be all that matters. What we wear is the perfect opportunity to express ones self and our uniqueness, if we all dressed and wore what other's thought was best then we'd all become carbon copies of one and other and that would completely contradict the point and beauty of it in the first place! Not to say that I don't follow trends, and enjoy seeing the looks of the coming seasons, but I use them as more of an inspiration and ideas to circle rather than a specific pinpoint of what i should wear..Anywayss..here I go rambling on once again! But back to my point, I am a lover of the fact that summer gives us all a bit more freedom and fun in our daily clothing choices.

Another true love of mine is the beauty of street style, what better way to see an amazing variety of outfit ideas to be inspired by and individuals truly embracing their own looks!
photo credit, Stockholm streetstyle

Well I'm off to take the pup for a walk and finish my coffee, I will have outfit posts coming soon!
I'll leave you with a feel good song that never fails to put a smile on my face; Rusted Root's Send Me On My Way (and i just so happen to love the video as well).


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