Without The Highs And The Lows, Where Would We Go

A few random shots from a night spent in with my mom, little sister Fiona, and the kitties. We ate french bread & cheese, california rolls, and drank organic strawberry lemonades while watching old movies in bed. Our cat's names are Creampuff and Dipstick, they're brother and sister and were born at our old house so we've raised them since they were babies. Even the most anti-cat people can't help but love them because they're so sweet and affectionate, they even play with my puppy Ava. Though you can't quite see much of what I'm wearing and it was a lazy night in, I'm wearing my absolute favorite pull-over hoodie. Not only is it purple (my favorite color), but the small details make it so different and unique. It's from the Miss Me Collection, and it's so comfortable I could live in it.

It's a beautiful day, so I'm off to the beach to lounge in the sun and play in the waves. Hope every one's summers are going great and filled with sunshine and happiness!


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