Summer Song Sung All Along

I truly cannot believe i have yet to start blogging; i follow many and love to become enveloped in other's passions, interests, and inspirations. I myself love to write and am constantly restless with ideas and thoughts popping into my head on a regular basis, and have thought for quite some time i could use an outlet for these things myself. Yet here I am, almost half way through summer and just posting my first! It's funny now to realize how simple it is, but being the procrastinator i am i always seem to find ways to put off the easiest of tasks. However, this is a new me! No more putting things off and dreaming up things to do and experience some ways off in the future, i want to live in the moment, not let the possible memories slip through the cracks- Seize the day! (as people often say) I'm not quite sure how to go about this, and i tend to over-think and worry myself when starting something new, but I am going to do my best to persevere and continue going on with this, because even if it doesn't lead to anything and no one finds anything i have to say a tad bit interesting(which very well may be the case) at least i know i followed through right? Which tends to be the down right hardest thing..
Mid-July and this heat wave is really getting to me! Not to say that I'm not thankful for the lack of gloominess that was getting down-right unbearable, it seems the whole month of June somehow slipped by me with barely one morning of waking to the ever captivating slits of sunlight seeping through my blinds and the feeling of humidity lurking in my bedroom; but then all the put off heat and sunshine seemed to hit all at once with one of the most intense heat waves in a while; and it's not only here in Southern California that we're experiencing it, but it seems to be happening nearly all around the world! But of course, global warming is just a myth right?;)

It has been nice though, to wake up in the heat with the fan on full blast and to thrown on a suit and head to the pool for a swim. Yesterday I think i might have gotten a little too confident in the waterproof SPF 50 though, because i came home from a long day at the beach with my family, only to realize how truly fried I'd become. All goes along with the territory i guess, I mean, what's a summer without at least one good sunburn right?
Current inspiration...

Just another one of the MANY swooning over Miss Bambi Northwood-Blyth;brows and all

Oh Daisyy..

Many ventures to come this summer, can't wait to share them with you;

and now I'll leave you with the lovely dace s/s 10 campaign video, enjoy!


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