Oh We Try And Remember Hazy Days

There are few people in the celebrity and pop-culture world that I come across and that I believe have an interesting personal style that's all their own. There are plenty who most likely have stylists and put together some amazing outfits, and who have access to all the biggest and brightest lines out there; however someone who stands out from the crowd and dresses for him/herself is a rare find. Alexa Chung is one of the few who never fails to wow with her knack for layering prints, accessorizing an outfit, and mixing vintage pieces with new ones. Not only does she have a style that's all her own, but she has the wit and the personality to pull it off and draw others in as well.

photo credit, refinery29

Though I'm doing my best to live in the now, and as I've stated before I have a great love for the freedom and styles that go along with summer; there are quite a few looks of the up-and-coming seasons that I'm drooling over. Come Fall I'll be all about the military jacket mixed in with more girlish pieces, LOTS of layers and (one of my absolute favorite accessories) scarves, lace up boots and chunky platform booties with socks, and not to mention the come back of the tights (which never fails to dress up an outfit just a bit). Fall, in my opinion, is also one of the best seasons for thrifting and getting your hands on great vintage finds. I can't wait to come across some over-sized knits and the perfect leopard pull over.

Something along these lines...a girl can dream right?

photo credit, style copycat

Well, luckily it's one of the first sunny days in quite some time. I'll be finishing my cup of coffee while simultaneously attempting to apply some kind of makeup (which I rarely tend to bother with these days). Then I'm out for a day with a long lost friend of mine who's back in town! Couldn't be more excited. Hope you're all enjoying your day, and I'd love if you would let me know what some of your Fall must-haves are.


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