"An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules"

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Well I am very pleased to say that Inception not only met up to my hopes, but far exceeded them- it was amazing! We all know that you can't go wrong with Leo as a lead in any movie, it seems his ability to portray an array of characters and emotions only grows stronger with each role; but what I was really looking forward to experiencing was the story line, supporting roles, and the movie as a whole. The preview's visual dynamics really got my anticipation stirring from the moment i saw the first teaser all the way to when the extended trailer was released; but at times movies don't live up to the hype and sadly you come to the realization that they piled all the best and most exciting moments into those two minutes of previews. Not this time my friends! The story was incredibly fascinating and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire movie not losing my focus or interest for even the slightest moment (and on top of all of this, I saw the movie in IMAX which was my first time experiencing the intense surround sound, crystal clear picture, and amazingly comfortable seats-definitely worth the extra dough). Aside from the mind-bending suspense, Leo's incredible acting ability as Dom Cobb, and a plot that left you second guessing every other moment (you definitely need to pay attention to all the details or you'd easily get lost along the way), I was completely captivated with Ellen Paige as Ariadne, I've always loved her, but was questioning her ability to keep up with the acting chops of someone as experienced as Mr. DiCaprio. However, she did an amazing job and really added something extra to the movie. I loved every minute of it and cannot wait to see it again! Movie lovers, please go experience this story of redemption, espionage&action, and the immersion into the infinite world of dreams yourselves and tell me what you thought!

On another note, I think I must have jinxed the weather, because it seems we have suddenly been thrown back into the pits of summer gloom. On top of that, it's still quite hot outside and with the added clouds and moisture hanging in the air, the humidity is nearly unbearable. I've been hiding out in my room most of the day with the fan on it's highest setting and a nice tall glass of iced tea to keep me company. I've been contemplating going to the local thrift stores to see what loot i could come up on, but this weather isn't quite getting me enthusiastic over the idea; plus I have lots of website work to get done this evening and hopefully a visit from the best friend who I've been missing dearly (pictured on the right of me in the Polaroid above).

With all the summer music festivals going on, there have been quite a number of adorable looks to stay cool and casual in the heat; here are a few that I loved from the Glastonbury festival.

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Oh how I'm loving the sheer Topshop tank & Doc's in the first photo, the Acne biker jacket in the second, and the entire look in the third. I'm especially digging that tribal-esque necklace and those Zara sandals.

All in all, this summer has been one of the best in quite a while, I'm loving the R&R and the little things each day, such as getting to spend a load of time with my youngest sister who always keeps me laughing and entertained, grilling up delicious dinners in the backyard with the fam, and making s'mores late at night over our fire pit with the smell and sounds of a summer evening filling the air. I hope everyone else is enjoying their summers equally, and not forgetting to revel in the moment and enjoy the small moments of happiness.

Now I'll leave you with this spoof trailer for Dora the Explorer in Incepcion, hope it makes you laugh or at least crack a smile!


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