My Happiness Was When I Was Young And We Didn't Give A Damn, Cause We Were Raised To See Life As Fun And Take It If We Can

Dress- Collective Concepts, Headband and Sunglasses- vintage, Misc. Jewelery- thrifted, vintage, and from a number of local boutiques, Shoes- Nine West

On Top of Dresser- glass jar with colorful stones collected from local beaches; mineral soaps in rose petal and lavender; photo of my mom, my sisters, and I; vintage woven basket filled with assorted head bands and hair accessories; vintage engraved jewelery box filled with treasures; assorted bracelets, vintage sunnies, and grandpa's old watch; faerie bottle incense burner; Corsica Voluspa Kukui & Shea Butter body moisturizer

Well the time has come for a much over-due outfit post. I'm a huge fan of anything grey black or white, and as much as I try to avoid it, these three basic colors tend to be what I gravitate to the majority of the time.When I come across something in one of these colors that just has a little something extra however, I MUST have it. This flowy grey dress is loose and fitted in all the right places, is amazingly comfortable (very important to me), and is open on the sides. You can pair it with almost anything, but sadly I seem to forget it's existence in the back of my wardrobe, like many things I own. When I came across it today while trying to somewhat get my closet in order, I was reunited with the soft fabric and the realization of just how wearable it is.

It's so beautiful outside today, I don't want to let it waste away so I'm going to lounge outside in the local park under a big shady tree with a good book and a tall glass of iced tea. Going to do my best to get some more outfit posts coming!


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