It's hypnotic, isn't it?

Well, as I've already stated a number of times a long with my love of fashion and all things vintage, I am quite the movie lover; and when I find a movie that captures all of these things I'm thrilled to say the least. I'm of course a big fan of the 80's and all the movies of the decade, so when I stumbled upon the 1987 comedy Roxanne with Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah I was surprised I hadn't seen or heard of it previously.

I've always loved both Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah and have been a fan of many of their movies, so I was more than excited to see them in a comedy together. The movie was definitely not what I expected, but I loved the quirkiness and sweet moments captured between some of the characters. On top of that, Daryl Hannah's outfits were all so adorable and care-free - many tailored pieces paired with loose flowy tops in neutral colors and over sized men's ware a long with some adorable boots and accessories (and not to mention the dewy barely-there makeup and perfectly careless tousled hair). Now the problem is, I've looked everywhere for movie stills to include and there were close to none available. So, I thought I'd put together a little grouping of pieces inspired by the looks seen in the movie.

1. Neon Lights silk top- available for $265 at polyvore.com
2. Karen Walker 'helter skelter' sunnies- $225
3. White Present flower ribbon pearl bracelet- $108
4. Go Green eco-friendly Amanda sheer tank- $38
5. Stella by Miss Kg ankle boots- $99
6. Freda grey trouser pants- $520
7. Fimo black rose tassel drop earrings- $11
8. Chloe cream blazer- found available for $640 at polyvore.com
9. Siesta by Carvela leather boots- $245
10. Floral Emb silk robe- $38

Hope everyone is having an amazing day, I'm off to do some sketching over a cup of tea with some good tunes and my pup to keep me company.


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