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     Another cloudy day, and it seems no matter how many cups of coffee I consume I can't snap out of this daze that's seems to have come over me since waking this morning. Somewhere lost between daydreaming and being carried away by the music and lyrics of my newly updated play list. I'm actually about to head out on a bike ride to see if some fresh air will clear my mind of the haziness; but thought I'd post a few things I'm currently lovinn at the moment before I take off.

Somewhat of a strange combination between 90's grunge and antiquey-boho (?)...

 Most if not all of these pieces are quite different from each other; but I love each and every single one of them for different reasons and I'm actually really into the idea of taking individual items that are completely different looks and styles (and even prints) and pairing them with each other to make a look that's truly unique and all your own. I mean, what's fashion without a risk or two?

1. Pamela Love sterling silver cross ring- $230
2. Velvet tyedye tee- $145
3. Asos corsage boater hat- $47
4. Dizzy Heights fringed dress- $193
5. Divine Rights of Denim boyfriend shorts- $50
6. Florentine gold & precious stone ring- $175
7. Linda Farrow X Alexander Wang sunnies- $325
8. Indigo Child vintage coin necklace- $39
9. Miu Miu suede clog sandals- $197
10. H by Henry Holland bf blazer with polka dot detail- $68
11. Rebel Yell unruly romper- $99
12. Sprayed Core grey scarf- $68
13. Matt and Nat commix bucket bag- $230
14. Floral Doc Marten's- $130

Until I get some updated outfit pictures for a post, I thought I'd include some taken a month or so a go while my sister and I were messing around with her new Hipstamatic app on her i-phone; for those of you out there as obsessed with the look of vintage Polaroids and photographs as I am, it's definitely something you should check out (if you have an i-phone that is).

FT tyedye denim button up, Spy-c sheer grey pocket top, thrifted black skinny jeans, thrifted jewelery and black clip in flower, vintage black lace up boots(not pictured)

I was feeling lazy and it was a gloomy day spent at the movies seeing SITC2 with my mom, but I just love the worn look Hipstamatic adds to pictures taken with it; and what's even cooler is that they have numerous settings and effects available to play around with. Sweeeeeetttt.

Currently listening to: The Execution of All Things by Rilo Kiley
Most recently watched: The ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey getting buckwildd (guilty pleasure)
Currently obsessing over: a black jersey maxi skirt on TopShop..want.love.need.
Dreaming of: Tahiti and all things paradise with a pinch of adventure
Craving: Cranberry chicken salad from local cafe' with EXTRA peppercinis on the side and blackberry iced tea. YUM.
Current fav. jewelery item: tie between my new tribal looking ring that takes up an entire finger (and was also a STEALLL at 4 bucks) and my amethyst stone necklace that was a gift from my brother last Christmas
Loving: all things cropped, turquoise, sheer, and fringed
Currently wearing: sheer black tank, thrifted grey cotton shorts with pockets, my teeeny vintage silver and black rope watch, and a bun on the top of my head. Gotta love lazy daysss.

Well I should really get going on my bike ride before I lose all lingering traces of enthusiasm over the idea; I've really been having a lot of fun with the posts even though at the moment I feel just a little bit like I'm the only one seeing or reading them, but hey all things take time and I did just start this thing. I know it's going to take me a while to get the hang of it, but if anyone out there feels like giving me some feedback- please do! Don't hold back!

Now I'll leave off with this Nylon TV + Kristen Stewart short; it's a bit old (from back in February when she was featured on the cover), but I'm still all about it. A lot of people have mixed feelings and opinions about her, but I for one think she is bad ass (and yes i did just say bad ass). I mean c'mon people, can you imagine for a second how it feels to be in her shoes? All the craziness and pandemonium that has suddenly enveloped her life? In my opinion she seems real, grounded, down to earth, and wise beyond her years; she's definitely not like most stars and actors of our generation, and to me that's a good- no, a great thing. So here's to the individuals like Kristen who aren't afraid to be true to themselves and stand out from the crowd.


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