Birthday Fun pt. 2

  Once again, I apologize for the massive amount of photos, but I just wanted to include as many pictures of my vintage dress as possible since I probably won't have an occasion or event to where it to again for quite some time! For my Birthday dinner I went all out in the hair and makeup department, taking full advantage of the attire and over-the-top-ness that one's Birthday welcomes (since I rarely get dolled up these days). I headed to Ichibiri's (one of my all time favorite Japanese teppan style restaurants) with my mom, my sisters, my boyfriend, my best friend Neg, and my Ama. I ordered the teriyaki chicken meal which includes miso soup, salad with the most amazing dressing, a shrimp appetizer, and all the fixings seen in the photo above; it was absolutely delicious as usual. We then had Graveyard Dump cake for dessert, as per my request for a Birthday cake from my mom. It was so nice having my Ama there and getting to spend time with some of my closest loved ones.

Today I'm having a Birthday party at my dad's house with some close friends and family. I'm superrr excited, especially about all the food and treats we're making. 
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


wearing: vintage Rex Lester dress, Jeffrey Campbell Litas, vintage opal encrusted bracelet, misc. accessories


  1. You look lovely, happy Birthday :)

  2. no need to apologize for the number of pictures- they're always welcome! ;) You look beautiful, I especially like the lipstick colour!