So young and full of running, tell me where is that taking me..

just a great figure eight, a tiny infinity

In order: making sun tea in the backyard during the heat wave, Saki taking a nap, walking in the park, combat boots, Ava falling asleep sitting up, a cup of tea and some fresh air, homemade pumpkin and pumpkin chocolate chip bread, Bella in the dog bed, amazzzing turkey sandwich with a side of siracha of course, Autumn leaves, my new obsession=popcorn chips, fruit smoothies, raindrops and spider webs, enjoying a creme brulee latte with my sister Danaan, delicious organic peppermint dark chocolate brownies from Cloud 9 Bakers, up close perspective

Above are some random photos taken throughout the past couple weeks; Fall has been treating me well.

Currently listening to: Ode to My Family by The Cranberries
Most recently watched: A seriouslyyy intense episode of Oprah
Currently obsessing over: deep plumb lipstick, velvet, and cozy socks
Dreaming of: An escape to the mountains and long days spent in a warm cabin in the middle of nature with hot chocolate and naps by the fire
Craving: Baked mac n' cheese and iced peppermint tea
Current favorite jewelery item: vintage silver and opal encrusted bracelet borrowed from my mom
Loving: maxi skirts, floppy hats, anything black&sheer, heavy necklaces embellished with stones & tassels, and hooded ponchos/wraps
Currently wearing: thick black legging pants, fluffy socks, black and white floral print top/dress, and men's denim button up as a jacket -lazy day spent inside, so nothing special !

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