So here we are coming to the end of October and Halloween is creeping closer with each passing day. One of my all time favorite movies to watch (especially near the creepiness and spook factor of Hallows Eve) is 90's classic The Craft. It really never gets old, which I think is mainly due to the magic and mayhem of the teenage witchery that takes place, I mean didn't we all kind of wish or partly believe we could cast a spell or have a little magic within us over the years? However, another huge part of the pull and intrigue of the movie is most definitely the prominence of dark, rebellious, flowy, and mysterious fashion and sense of style each of the girls had. Each one of the characters had a unique take and spin on the 90's grunge look, and I envied every single outfit as a young girl and even today. Current fashion seems to be taking some ideas and inspiration from the grunge and goth scene and adding modernized textures, prints, and colors to the mix for a more updated and easy to pull off style that I absolutely adore.

1. Alexander Wang velvet jacket
2. Kara by Kara Ross gold & hematite claw ring
3. ASOS hung crucifix necklace
4. Alexander McQueen antique brass skull bangle
5. Bodkin Wave tank
6. Anthony Vaccarello bra top
7.  Maison Martin Margiela ripped mini dress
8. Acne maxi skirt
9. Floral Dr. Martens


p.s. This is my 100th post! Thank you to all those of you who follow and/or visit my blog, it means so much and I only hope that I can share a little of my life and inspirations with all of you ! I know I'm still very much a beginner at all of this, but I hope to continue to grow and become better at it over time. Just a little side note, when I get to 50 followers I'm planning on doing a give away, so please help me reach my goal and you will have a chance at being the winner- thank you  !

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