Saturday Baturday

wearing: 2$ thrifted sunnies, vintage key necklace, grey cotton tank unknown, vintage denim corset top, vintage black Ralph Lauren maxi skirt, vintage Joan & David nude suede shoes, handmade&vintage bracelets and rings

Today my boyfriend and I went to see a local college production of Bat Boy: The Musical, and let me tell you it was interesting to say the least. He has to see a number of plays for a class he's taking, and he invited me to accompany him to a few that he purchased tickets for. Just by the name of Bat Boy I knew it was going to be something strange, but it was actually very entertaining and funny (in the cheeesiest way possible). We had to leave before the ending because the bf was running late for work, but it was a fun little detour from the day to day routine of things and I can't wait for the next one.

Hope everyones weekends are going great!

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