Moods that take me and erase me, and I'm painted black

wearing: extremely old Charlotte Russe floral headband, burnout tee from L.A. with DIY rips, sister's vintage cargo vest, old Sans Soui jacket, vintage high waisted denim shorts with DIY shredding, vintage belt from my Grandma, drug store tights, Nature Breeze combat boots, DIY necklace, misc. accessories

A perfect Autumn day spent playing in fallen leaves, wandering beneath towering trees, and skipping in the rain. Today was a bit more mild storm wise compared to yesterday's crazed lightning and thunder antics and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I kept myself busy with numerous DIY projects, eating some delicious homemade butternut squash soup, and venturing into the damp weather to grab some lunch with the boyfriend. There was an odd hour or so where the clouds broke and it became quite sunny, so throughout the day the sky was a mix of different hues of grey, thick billowy clouds, and the strangest yet most beautiful colors or purple red & yellow. It was dreammyyy. Many exciting things to come this week, can't wait to share!


photos taken by my beautiful and talented younger sister Danaan