Twenty Two pt. 2

Oh how I wishhhh I had more photos from our Knotts adventure! I was just much too distracted with running from maze to maze, adrenaline highs from the crazy rides (though I'm afraid of heights, I will go on any roller coaster without hesitation), and laughing til my stomach hurt at the sight of my friends being scared out of their wits by the 'monsters'. Turns out the three girls we went with all share a deep rooted fear of clowns-so I guess the clown maze wasn't a good idea? It was soooo much fun and I was absolutely exhausted by the time 2am rolled around, but somehow I still managed to run into Gil's house to eat one of the chocolate cupcakes with homemade butter cream frosting I made for the occasion before heading home to pass out.

My one regret is not getting a picture of the girls huddling around me completely hunched over in fear as I tried to guide all three of them around the sharp turns and bends of the clown maze all while trying to control my fit of laughter...
guess we'll have to go for round two?


I'm wearing: thrifted men's army print tank, vintage loose knit cardigan, DIY altered/ripped skinny jeans, super old Nordstrom's skull necklace, Frye lookalike boots from Walmart, thrifted leather backpack, misc. bracelets and rings

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