"Sea and Rock Below, Cocked to The Undertow"

I'm wearing: thrifted oversized men's grey knit, $10 cat eye sunnies, DIY re-arrangeable body chain, black Rubber Ducky layering tank, Cherish stirrup leggings, vintage laceup heeled oxfords, misc. accessories
On Danaan: thrifted sweater top and skirt, $1 sunnies, vintage headband, misc. jewelery

  Okay, so first I'd like to apologize for the enormous amount of photos in this post, but I can't help getting a little carried away sometimesss. These were taken yesterday on a little trip down to the pier with my sister Danaan [du-nay-en], our mom Jana, and our cousin Janice who's visiting from Canada. It was a really nice day spent chowing down at The Fisherman's (Danaan and I shared their famous clam chowder, ahhhmazing sourdough bread, and smoked salmon), catching up on old times, and meandering up & down the pier. The weather was really strange and apparently couldn't decide between overcast and windy or sunny and humid; which explains my outfit adjustment in the last photo. We had a great time and there was much laughter, which is usually inevitable when Danaan and I are together. My mom always gets on us for making fun of her and picking on her too much, but hey, isn't that what kids are for? We only tease her out of love, and she always sends us into a fit of hysterics with her sarcastic remarks and cheesy sense of humor-I guess we know where we get it from! I can't wait for my cousin (though we call her Aunt) Janice to visit again, she has an amazing spirit about her and is always so easy to talk to. Maybe next time we'll be able to arrange a visit up to her home in Canada, I haven't been there since I was very young but I still remember every detail of the trip and the beauty of the land and environment up there.

  A little side note-today is my boyfriend Gil's 22nd Birthday! I'm so excited I get to celebrate another year of his life by his side. He is truly an amazing person and has great things in store for his future. We're planning on heading up to Knott's Scary Farm tonight with some friends and family, which is guaranteed to be a great time. I'm sure I'll have photos of the festivities to share soon!



  1. Your outfit is just what I'm in the mood for today. Your nose ring and wang-ish sunglasses are a pretty great combo ;)

    xx Cristina