I feel the salty waves come in, I feel them crash against my skin

Wearing: $1 thrifted denim button up, leopard print headband from the 90's, cherish stirrup leggings, vintage boots, vintage leather backpack, black pearl necklace, misc. accessories

These photos were taken a couple nights ago when my boyfriend and I headed to the local movie theater to see Jackass 3D. It was so much fun and the movie was hilarious (and if you've seen it then you also know it was preetttyyy disgusting and disturbing at parts-but hey, what do you expect from a Jackass movie right?). I've been lovingg the rain and grey skies we've had over the past few days, it leaves the air brisk and clean and is perfect for movie days and trips to the bookstore or library with a steaming cup of coffee (mixed with hot chocolate is my preference for chilly days) to keep you company. It seems all I've been wearing lately is a lot of menswear and clunky boots; easy to throw on and mix and match when you're a procrastinator like me and push getting dressed to moments before running out the door. However, I've had my Birthday dress just sitting idly in my closet for months and my anticipation for wearing it will soon come to an end with the big day just around the corner. It's an amazing vintage piece with cut outs, and that's all the details I'll give for now because I'm sure to take loads of pictures to share so you can get the full effect.

Hope everyone else is enjoying this change in the weather as much as I am !


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