Birthday Fun pt.1

  Yes I know, I got a little carried away with the amount of pictures I added to this post-but they're from my Birthday so that's a good excuse right? On Wednesday I turned twenty, finally escaping the teen years and coming one step close to twenty one. It was a beautiful day and I had so much fun, especially since I started the day off with a great morning. I have always believed that being in a good mood and doing something you enjoy in the morning sets the mood for the rest of the day to follow. My boyfriend surprised me with a dozen red roses and a Happy Birthday balloon, a long with the sweetest card and present before taking me out for a delicious breakfast. We headed to La Galette, an adorable little creperie located in the Pier Bowl where my brother happens to work. I've become addicted to their french sodas and vanilla lattes, and I always love to indulge in their delicious crepe cuisine. We decided to go with the Apple Chicken Sausage Crepe with rosemary potatoes, caramelized onions, scrambled eggs, and jack cheese (which was absolutely amazing, there wasn't a bite left on the plate!) and the Strawberry Shortcake Crepe, which has always been one of my favorites. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying the sunshine until the bf had to head to work. I felt so blessed and lucky to have spent my Birthday with my loved ones who always make me smile.

 Lots more pictures of my Birthday dinner outfit to come in part two!

wearing: vintage Barneys New York oversized knit, Walmart biker shorts, $2 sunnies, vintage boots, necklace made by me, misc. accessories


  1. I love the overzied knit and those boots! Real cool (:

    Puck // oneofpoints.blogspot.com